First Day

My first blog post here on Word Press, I created this blog to be able to write about my experiences in my last term of college, to follow the specific projects I’m working on. I usually write in Swedish but I will try to improve my English writing this spring, so hope to see some improvements on that through this blog. I will also try to summarize each day in one way or another; depending on how much time I have at my disposal. So on to the mega list of what I have been able to accomplish today:

Did today:

  • Complement my IGDA-account with some descriptive text about me.
  • Went to school to try to get some feedback on the candidate-plan my and Starck wrote and also try to get a project room.
  • Downloaded a sporadically read some thesis’s and also collected text-material from different sites for future reading.
  • Decided to do an install of Game Maker only on my Laptop after I had read about different solutions for Mac.
  • Played the very short but in genius statement game made in Flash called: Burn the Rope.  I analyzed it, and wrote down my thoughts about it, but more about that in another post tomorrow maybe. 
  • Thought about question and ideas regarding my coming month of research into design and other aspects of games.
  • Ordered about 11 books that I deemed to be must reads about games, got them from a list the magazine EDGE had compiled on the net.
  • Tested lots of Wiki’s and other software, also registered here on Word Press.
  • Customized a Redmine project instead when no other Wiki was good enough.
  • Created a couple of tasks for this week that really needs to be done.

A bit of a stressed out day, I haven’t got a handle on things yet. But the plan is slowly falling into place as long as I move forward. That’s all!


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