Small Steps

Today’s workload:

  • Went to school to get some feedback on the project plan we wrote last week
  • Got a study room at school, now me & Starck can begin to move over some books and other stuff
  • Fixed some things on our Redmine-production site, great piece of production software by the way, and it’s open-source
  • Compiled a bunch of Game Maker-tutorials, documents and video links to the production site, going to sit down with Game Maker on Thursday 
  • Made a extensive list of books we may or may not find useful in our research and prototyping, I will post the complete list in a separate post later
  • Been fighting with my oldish Lap Top, going to re-install windows on it tomorrow

Today I had lots of other tasks to do separate from the school ones, and I also followed Barack Obama’s inauguration, so that ate some of my time, but in a positive way. Hoping to be able to have most workflow issues around the research figured out by tomorrow.


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