Headline Shortage in my Head

Production tasks of the day:

  • Uploaded Game Maker tutorials to the project ftp
  • Transferred important files from my lap top
  • Re-formatted the lap top
  • Installed a bunch of software
  • Created more work tasks in Redmines issue tracker
  • Adjusted some functionality on this blog
  • Conformed to share a mind map project through MindMeister, seems like a nice way to share mind maps Google Docs style
  • Helped a fellow student developers with some design issues
  • Picked up a package of books about game culture and rhetoric’s that I ordered last week
  • Brainstormed a work method for the coming weeks together with specific goals of what I want to achieve this spring
  • Went through books about good learning practices, compiled lots of  good review questions together with some routines I’m going incorporate into my daily studies

Still haven’t had the time to sit down with Game Maker or any books on all the subjects I’m going to read about. But that is what tomorrow is for! 

Listened to a really good seminar about how thoughts work today, and how we humans in general perceive our thoughts as the reality rather than something created by ourselves. Have heard quite a few seminars on the subject before but It’s always refreshing, and a good reminder to break destructive or negative thought patterns that may arise daily.


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