Narrowing it down

The day disappeared as small tasks almost overwhelmed me, but it had fun all the way so that’s all good. I have made some decisions on how to work at home and at school. Other than that it feels like I have so many plans right now so I’m not sure where I might end up after I have finished this last year of college. 

Regarding my work right now have narrowed it down to Serious Games and Art game research and creation. Those are the fields I feel most passionate to accomplish something within.

Well here comes the list of what I have done regarding research about games:

  • Visited Starck and my workroom at school today, assessed some needs for the room like a trashcan and other trivial stuff, it is a nice locale for creative work
  • Expanded the Wiki structure so that every needed category is present
  • Filled the Wiki with useful links and researched serious games
  • Complemented my readings for the spring with one more book
  • Read some Gamasutra articles by Ian Bogost

 No more time to write now, going to write a small paper about Minimalism.

Btw, I hope no one is reading this right now because I’m not really publishing much of value. It’s only an daily diary for school right now.

I will try to make the blog more compelling in the future, but life comes first and documenting second :)


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