A day late

This is blog post is about what I day yesterday, just so you know :)

Worked on:

  • Tried lots of shared mind mapping software since MindMeister wasn’t stabile at all, and we really needed a  brainstorming software solution.
  • Structured up a mind map of all the things that affect our project, a road map of sorts, it took 7 hours to have the relevant info on it even though it pretty basic.
  • I was at school on a meeting with the student developers I’m helping with graphics, got see how much had been done this week.
  • Wrote this reflection and a small weekly reflection text.
  • Read up on concepts of persuasive games and all other concept that naturally developed from that, sat for about 4 hours.
  • Filled out the Wiki with all the readings I found.
  • Tried to formulate Starck’s and my research topic area in very concrete way. Starck found the right phrasing at last, many ideas got worked through. It became a really simple one: Research and develop serious games, it gives us both a good framework when we are going to create concepts later on and we get a lot of interesting questions to work from.
  • Revised the project plan

This became a pretty long workday, stayed up till 4 am working on the revised project plan; all got done that needed doing.


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