Food Structures



Today I had my day planned out as usual, began with time planing for next week and what would be interesting ways of spending it, at the same time I listened to the Motivation to Move podcast that often provides me with a positive beginning for the day. In one of the programs they happened to mention Vitabot and FitDay that are two meal planning software’s available on the net. Since I haven’t gotten straight into my new healthier food habits yet, and I’m still eating a bit like the average college student, I decided to test them out.

Four hours later I felt, after a lot of skimming of food packages and writing content values down for different kinds of foods, that I was on the wrong track and discarded the programs. I was on the brink of turning food into medicine, which I had done once before in my life with bad results, food or other parts of life should not be about guilt and forced structures where it takes more time to count than to eat. 

I read Michel Pollan’s  book In Defense of Food a couple of months ago and there he makes the argument that we should go back to eating  whole foods, stop index counting food to death, eat often and in smaller portions, eat green, and first and foremost enjoy the process of eating. I should have remembered that, but now I got some more first hand experience on how to kill the spontaneity of it all. What I instead going to do sooner or later, is just to start eating more whole foods and raise my cooking skills.

I watched a Ted Talks-video with Pollan and a longer seminar on You Tube about his latest book. That cleared up my mind even more. 

Well, back to enjoying my day.



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