Day 8: The blog snatcher and other everyday tales



Today was supposed to get started with Game Maker and read more of Persuasive Games by Ian Bogost, but other projects ended up taking my time instead. One of those projects was my over due Minimalism in Video Games paper, I finally managed to finish it today. Also looked at some stretching routines in preparation for more intense training, and tried to make a new to-do schedule for this week.

Other than that I devoured a bunch of podcasts and audio books as usual, among them the classic 7 Habits of highly Successful People, I love self-improvement material it gives me such positive mental boosts. 

I also recommend the Game Developer blog named Wolfire, got some nice updates and discussions around a game that they are making. Reminded me that I should begin having discussions in design blogs and forums to develop my thinking around game design more.

A really strange thing also happened with my fellow student Starck’s blog, one of his posts got hijacked and posted on signed by another guy we don’t know at all. I laughed a bit  when I heard about it, why do something like that? I would understand it if it was some kind of collection blog, but the guy had signed with his own name not even mentioning Starck. The thing is also that Starck kept his blog private so the guy must have used the link on my page to get there. Well, I removed it now so Starck can have his blog in peace. 

Over and out.




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