Self-Development and Learning Game Maker 7











Today was a bit confused; my mind was all over the place, mostly the Internet that has been distracting me from my priority tasks the last couple of days, always so much to explore. That said I actually began learning the utter basics of the computer game making tool Game Maker, and I also tested some games made by other users, to get an overview of how powerful the software is. The conclusion was that it would serve my prototyping needs perfectly; I just need to invest lots of time getting in to the scripting language. I tested about 10 GM-games and those that I really found entertaining from both a design point of view and graphically was:

Check them out! PC only.


On the self-development topic I have been looking at some planning software, and I will test PlanPlus online for 30 days, I’m truly an organizational geek always on the lookout for new sets of mind tools :) Right now I need a good software product to effectively map out my daily and long term priority’s. Trying to get away from my paper consuming routines, mostly because of environmental reasons. I also began with a basic stretching program today; really need to build up my agility, I move with the grace of a twig right now. Going to test some new daily routines starting tomorrow relating to both physical and mental practices.

A little positive note to myself regarding food shopping was that almost half of my bought groceries were of the green and leafy kind today. Felt really good to incorporate some more veggies into my life :)

And on a totally different note I had lots of thoughts on the news of: Australian Man Gets 3 Years in Prison for Insulting Thai King, and a game that got released related to that. Will write a post on that later in the week if I have the time. 

Today’s work journal for school:

  • Worked through a tutorial for Game Maker
  • Tested different GM-games
  • Wrote down some game design concepts
  • Found more interesting material to read
  • Got hold of more GM-tutorials


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