Awesome anti-games and a lecture about evil

The Games:

Sat with Daniel at school today and analyzed Game Maker games from the YoYogames homepage. By accident we found this 13-year old game making kid who slaughtered the English language even more than I usually do, and he also made games that mostly where tributes to Nintendo, there by his nickname; Nintendo Fan. The games were like the ultimate form of abstract interactive expressionism (except a few)! Random things happened all over the place and I burst in to tears of laughter around 5-times. You might think that I am mocking him, but his badly designed games were genius in my eyes, I haven’t had so much abstract fun in a long time. Games are ultimately about the experience as with all forms of culture, and a well-designed game could not have delivered this kind of experience. 

Just the fact that he has made a skate game were a microscopic skater gets blocked out by constant dialog boxes must be design 101. Go to this guy’s site and expect the unexpected. The sad part was that all other games seemed a little too serious and predictable after Starck and I had played the games in his portfolio :)

Here’s direct links to two of my favorites from Nintendo Fan’s line of production, enjoy, and don’t forget to read the descriptions before playing:

 The Evil:

On a more serious topic I watched Philip Zimbardo at TED Talks about “How ordinary people become monsters or heroes”. People that are interested in the nature of human behavior should watch this. He simplified some concepts and insights too much, but overall it was a very interesting talk about how our societies and cultures form our behavior more than we presume, and the causes to how we may become really evil in our actions. Watch out for the gruesome footage about halfway into the talk.

Well, that’s about all I have time to write today except today’s list as usual.

School related to-dos:

  • Picked up a package of the following books that I will read while researching games, all of them where highly recommended from various sources:
    • Art Of Game Design (9780123694966)
    • Postmortems From ‘Game Developer’ (9781578202140)
    • The Art of Interactive Design (9781886411845)
    • Chris Crawford on Interactive Storytelling (9780321278906)
    • Everything Bad Is Good For You (9780141018683)
    • Mind Wide Open (9780141011158)
    • Designing Virtual Worlds (9780131018167)
    • Flow: den optimala upplevelsens psykologi (9789127112827)
    • Ambiguity Of Play (9780674005815)
    • Chris Crawford on Game Design (9780131460997)
  • Skimmed through the books to get an overview, hope I get time to read all :)
  • Attended a Swedish Game Awards presentation at school, nothing of importance was said that can’t be found on the homepage already. Nice to meet classmates though.
  • Tested more Game Maker games and got conformed that basic 3d can be made and work for prototyping ideas.
  • Revised my working schedule.


2 responses to “Awesome anti-games and a lecture about evil

  1. Man, Skate Game is frigorific! Also, while am at it, I’d like to highly recommend “A Theory of Fun in Game Design” by Raph Koster, if you haven’t read it. It’s gone out of print and will be reprinted some day, but if you have an internet connection you can be a bit sneaky in acquiring it…

  2. Jupp, that it truly is :)
    Thanks for the tip, I actually got a copy of last week by being sneaky. The only copies I found on Amazon cost 150 dollars. Seemed a bit to high.

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