The Game Design Book and the Egg

Another day has passed as I sit in my comfy chair listening to relaxing music from; the channel has a really nice mixture of game and movie scores. I usually also mix up the listening with some jazz, electronica and acoustic music, but soundtracks work as a complement to most kinds of computer work and leisure.

When I’m on the usual path of recommendations I must promote this amazing book about game design called The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses. I have only read a hundred of the 490 pages that the book consists of, and skimmed through the rest. But already it’s by far the best book on Game Design I have read and it really lends it self to all kinds of developers. It’s main goal is to give a toolset of important design questions through utilizing different viewpoints called “lenses” and then let the designer figure out the answers. Many other books on the subject of game design try to give you pre-made formulas and design solutions, so it feels like something really refreshing and practical. The biggest strength of the lenses approach is that the book is timeless with its design questions; it gives you the freedom to create trough any means, and any kind of games, digital or analog. It’s pretty expensive though, but if one values good mind tools, this is it.

The gaming magazine Edge has a review worth checking out if you are interested in a more elaborate opinion by someone who actually has read the whole book. 



Picture taken from the books homepage.

Other than that an egg cracked when I boiled it today, my first boiling accident actually, epic event 2009! I must admit that I have a life filled with epic adventure :) What I found a bit disturbing about the cracked egg was the eggs contents that had poured out. It reminded me that eggs really are unborn chickens that we boil, maybe sprinkle some optional salt upon and then devour, a pretty brutal vision in the minds eye. As a city dweller I’m so far from the creation process of food that the origins of what I eat can almost be forgotten from time to time. 



The egg made an interesting study object, brutal yet fascinating.

Well, Going to work on some environment concepts for the rest of the evening. Take Care.




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