Mind Mapping & Halo 3

My plan was to go to bed as usual at midnight and now it’s already 6 am :) 

Just had to get some things done, like linking to some of my friends different webpage’s trough this Blog, updating some information, listening to some music and digitalizing some paper notes.

Earlier today I spent most of my morning and day on making a better research plan around my project “Research and Development of Serious Games”, I’m not going to write a epic thesis about Serious Games but instead acquire loads of information to carve my self a path into creation of games that feel meaningful to me, and in the end have some nice simple prototypes and a reflection over the springs work process. Anyways, the planning went fine and I sent the document to Starck for some feedback, he liked what he read. Feels better now that I have made a better structure over the learning process and sorted out some books that seem really relevant.

After that exercise in planning I went on to my epic project of making a mind map where’s in I will list all concepts, questions, thoughts, games, developers and other things that I study about and that seem relevant. I will link all those things together day by day as I study, actively working with the material, creating a humongous visual database.

I truly prefer mind maps to regular notes and this will be an interesting way of organizing information. Just hope the software can bare the complexity of this enormous map in the end. In a plan B scenario I will make a more layered structure regarding different areas of research. I really want to see this way of sorting information and ideas come to life. Here is an example of the foundation, I have worked out most of the visual codes for the time being and will iterate them as the work progresses.

Research Mind Map


This is the basic structure with all the different element of the mind map in place, as example all the blue ovals represent research questions.

I use OminGraffle Professional for Mac to make the mind map; it is a powerful and versatile piece of software, better than the ones I used for PC earlier in my mind mapping endeavors. I’m glad that I switched to a Mac for many reasons, OmniGraffle is one of them.

After finishing the core of the EMMoCE (Epic Mind Map of Computer Explosiveness) the clock had struck 10 pm and it was time to get pawned (humiliated in a friendly manner ;)) by some noobs (slightly un-experienced players) in the strategic battlefield that is Halo 3. Starck and I play from time to time, but seldom have we been winning any matches the last couple of evenings we’ve played. But I of course have great fun anyway and my mouth runs constantly becuse I really get positive kick out of the multiplayer games.

Suddenly 5 hours had gone by, and I naively always plan for a maximum of 3 hours of play. We won a couple of matches, had lots of fun and really hope to get hold of the new Halo 3 game maps soon.

Now I have almost written 500 words now so it’s time to cut this stream short. Good night and remember to be nice to other players on the net if you happen to be an gamer, but if yore not a gamer, being nice to people in real life is just as good 8-)



This is a particle effect I photographed in Halo 3. It’s important to end with something memorable. 



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