Mind Sorting

Too day I sorted out my mind onto my computer, did a complete re-edit of the old spring plan so that if fit into on 5 page document filled with mission statements, values, spring goals and future goals.

Also watched this amazingly well done talk on Ted Talks, the topic is “Do schools kill creativity?” and it is as relevant today as it was in 2006. Behold:

Ken Robinson knows how to captivate the audience and fill 20 minutes to the max with content and amusing stories.

Another task I have been working on as a part of my Sunday evening is to transfer all my random post-it notes, which had small bits and pieces of learning and motivational principles scribbled down on them, to a desktop image for my Mac. I took that information and mixed with some keywords form my spring plan and made a simple image, it really suites my needs and the empty part of the image is mostly for folders and such.


I always think it’s a good idea to have all the small keywords and reminders close at hand, streamlining as much information as I can so I don’t get any paper nor folder clutter. 

Have lots more to do before midnight, new post tomorrow as usual :)


One response to “Mind Sorting

  1. “Do schools kill creativity?”

    I don’t know about schools in general, but _our_ school certainly generates a lot of creativity. Granted, it’s creativity of the “how can I plan my work so I don’t have to deal with the school and its staff at all?” and “could I blow up the school in interesting ways and get away with it?” variety, but still. ;)

    (Alright, not the most insightful comment, but hey, you got a comment. :))

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