A Learners Day

Have been learning Game Maker  for 5 hours today, going to use it for prototyping in about 4 weeks so I’m in a bit of a hurry. But so far it seems to be an awesomely simple creation tool. Highly recommended for all aspiring Game Maker out there, who want to take a first productive step. I also went to school today to get some mentoring which actually raised a couple of good questions in my mind. Even had time in the morning to work on the  level art for Kick the Owl Studios, their homepage will arrive in a week or two as far as I know.

Going to participate in the I <3 Blogging Design Contest, hope to make some good designs that can compensate for my lack of pure drawing skills :)

Following Newsweek on their website since my subscription ended, quality news.

And to finish of the recommendations here is a Game Designer Blog that has good quality content.


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