The Spontaneous Prototype


Have been creating a game prototype from scratch today. I’ve let the design of the game evolve decision by decision, letting the process be about exploration instead of pre-planned structures; this was also a good way to reinforce my learning of Game Maker. Practically all designs in games can be broken down to really simple 2d prototypes, that is why game maker is such a powerful tool, you can make the ideas come alive fast without the tech bogging down the creative process.

Got lots of ideas for this game and how to develop it further this spring, most importantly I’m going to let the design process of this game be organic all the way, testing, listening and making changes. The prototype may not look like much yes (prototypes seldom do), but it’s going to be an interesting experience, just give it time. Enough said :)

About 10 pm Starck called me and wanted to play some Halo 3, I was definitely up for it after a whole day cooped up in my designs. And now at 2 am it’s time for some quality sleep.


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