A Ordinary Day of the Good Sort


A day mostly about getting back on some nice routines like exercising, I had to quit for five days because me knee called for a break. It sure was awesome to be able to do some cardio and stretching again! Also Read through the book:

‘You can be Happy no Matter What – Five Principles for Keeping Life in Perspective’

It describes principles that are highly applicable in real life by understanding how thoughts, feelings and moods work. What it comes down to basically is to decide how we focus our thoughts and thereby produce feelings and responses to all things that happen to us, and how we can use this in communication with others as well as for our improvements in our individual lives. Truly some core skills all people could benefit from.

Here’s a link to Google Books if someone wants’ to have a read. I will strongly apply some theories from this book into my library of mental tools :) It was a bit repetitious with the content, but that is expected in these kinds of books

I also got a mail from IGDA saying that I had not been accepted for any of their GDC scholarships, I could not have traveled anyhow and I really happy Starck got picked for the process! Even though he may not be able to travel either.

Contacted Tale of Tales also, and it was kind of nice having a really brief mail exchange about The Graveyard, and kind of them to respond even though they as most developers have lot to do.

Lastly I end with a simple photo of a child in a nose that I snapped in Stockholm this winter, enjoy :)



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