The Human Ego at Play (and the usual daily recommendations)

Today I created a weekly game folder  where I will put all games I find every week to be played on the weekend. I will write about the most interesting ones now and then, but already a little game observation of the day further down this post.

Also signed up for Brainy Gamers – Vintage Game Club forum, where classic games are being played and discussed one at a time. I really enjoyed Brainy Gamers Podcast so I thought I would invest some of my time on the forum, I was a real forum junkie a couple of year ago, not going to go back to being that hardcore, but  it’s a good way to evolve my communication skills in English, getting to know people and get into dissecting games. My nick on the forum is: LeFisk.








One game I had time to play today is ‘Make My Head Grow!‘ it won five categories in the 2009 Nordic Game Jam, which is basically a 49-hour game development contest. This game is truly disturbing and is meant to be played by 2 players on the same computer keyboard. What is interesting is that it works really well to get the whole games concept by playing it by yourself. When you have defeated the other avatar an ending song begins playing that gives the whole game more context and some depth. But in the end the lasting appeal comes form being two-players. I’m glad that flash games are being more and more used to create these quality experiences that etches in to the mind.

For me the message of the whole game was about communication, and the way we go about inflating our egos, diminishing other people’s ways of thought and life. Basically isolating ourselves and pushing others aside, even if we are more alike than we think,  the childish presentation just reinforces the message. But the game also works just as well from a strict game mechanical point if two persons want to have some absurd 1-minute fun now and then. 

Today’s Ted Talk is about how security makes us unsecure, a very interesting topic. People who have some problems with edgy feminism may find some things said a bit weird, and the word vagina is overly used, but I hope everybody can see the main point of the talk. Mainly being that the more we protect ourselves the more our ego becomes the center of all we do, thinking we have all these  answers to life that we must protect, creating enemies near and far, keeping us afraid and offensive, and thus the more vulnerable and insecure we become.

As you probably noticed both the game and the Ted Talk describes overly egoistic mind states that can seem as a natural part of everyday life, but there is alternatives as with all things, and the age of communication and shared resources requires new standards of empathy, a important skill set to be worked on.

Another thing to observe is how these messages can be delivered in such extremely different ways depending on medium.  Hope you played and watched both, and I would love some input on these topics, if you see any connections at all or had some other thoughts around the material.

And now switching the topic entirely.

Today I also took an hour to gather information on how to transfer my food habits to a vegetarian model. This vegetarian site has a good lineup of information for anyone who eats, and I hope that’s most of us do.

If all goes as planned I will be on a vegetarian diet by the end of this month if not sooner. 


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