Why this Blog? Why!

I am a Finish citizen born and living in Sweden. 27 years of age. I have been raised in the digital age where Internet, videogames and other kinds of binary interactions dictated my life and seemed like the only logical choices for me. Floated trough life with no aim for the longest time, experiencing diverse things, emotions high and low. A year and a half ago a began to lay the molding for a more responsible and balanced life, and I have been introducing new elements step by step since then, it was definitely time for change. Gotten into some new routines and ways of thinking. The computer screen is still a trusty companion but it has taken on some new roles.

This Blog is a becoming Game Designers journey, a small link hub for friend’s projects, and a place for short daily recommendations, a tool for well needed practice in English. Hope you find something to read or click.

Take Care.


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